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Activate mBCA with XL Prioritas

In April, I decided to buy a new postpaid mobile phone number from XL Axiata called XL Prioritas. At that time, I found their promo - which still exists today - quite intriguing. And I immediately bought it.

I choose the gold plan. Not only I got extra two months, but I also could choose the ten digits number. The ten digits number is only available for the gold plan and higher, by the way.

Yes, this is my first time using the postpaid plan. But, I don’t think it will be a problem. I do my homework about the difference between postpaid and prepaid plans. I’m ready for the changes.

But, all is not as I expected.

Short story. After receiving the SIM card and activating it, I start migrating my mobile phone number to my everyday accounts. And, it’s including my mBCA mobile applications.

What Could Go Wrong?

Among all of my accounts, I only failed on the mBCA mobile applications. I have two more banking mobile applications. And both are successfully migrated to my new mobile number. Only my mBCA that not works.

How to Change Mobile Number on mBCA?

I tried to contact customer service and asked how to change the mobile number on mBCA mobile applications. The step is:

  1. Call the Hallo BCA and ask customer service to deactivate my old mobile number.

  2. I need to visit the ATM and register my new mobile number.

  3. I need to open my mBCA and do re-verify (click the exclamation icon on the top-right application)

  4. Send SMS activation.

I’ve done steps 1-3 without any issues. Only when doing step no 4 my nightmare is started.

Theoretically, for step no 4 if the sms is successfully sent I will receive a response like this:


But, I didn’t receive it.

I’ve tried it for a week! I also contact Hallo BCA and visited the branch office. But, nothing! The answer is always the same, I need to check my balance. There is a possibility that the SMS is not sent.

But, my mobile number plan is postpaid. I should be able to send the SMS, right?

Google-Fu in Action

Frustrated, I employ my Google-Fu to find some help. Sadly, not have much information I could obtain. Until I found this Youtube video.

The video is too long and full of rubbish. Start on this time for the information.

To summarize, make sure that the SMS Banking protection is disabled.

SMS Banking Protection Disabled

But, it’s still not working.

RTFM to the Rescue!

When everything not works, the last resort is to Read the F*** Manual. I open the FAQ Page and found some pointers on point no 9.

XL Prio

I need to find out about this PRIO Flex!

Decided to search more about XL Prioritas, and I stumbled upon this and this. And this is what is PRIO Flex about.


XL Prioritas is a postpaid plan but with prepaid behaviour. Instead of depending on how much I use for a month, the bill is depending on the package that I choose upfront. Moreover, the package is excluding SMS Banking and a Premium number (which I’m not sure what it is).

After buying the PRIO Flex balance, my SMS activation receives a response. And finally, my mBCA mobile applications are successfully activated. The last step is I need to visit the branch office to activate the finance options.

Another way to activate the mBCA finance options is to call Hallo BCA. But, you need to write a statement letter and send it via email with your ID card and a selfie photo holding your ID card. And it will take like 3 days, with in between you will receive a call from Hallo BCA to confirm your application.

If you have any comments or corrections please feel free to email them to me. Also, if you found any of the content on this website useful consider buy me a coffee ;)