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New Adventure with Porkbun

I had a big ambition to improve my writing, especially in English. What is the best way to do it? Start with a blog, of course! So, in 2020 I bought from Namecheap.

I got the best deal back then. I bought the domain only for $10 less with Free Domain Privacy FREE for life. But, it’s a different story for the renewal. The amount of money that I need to pay is $14.76. Honestly, the price is still reasonable for me. I don’t mind paying that amount of money.

Not until I know about Porkbun. They’re selling the .com domain only for less than $10 and for transferring the domain to them. It’s successfully made me consider using their service. Let me tell you, my cyber friends, about my reasoning.

Cheaper Price

Yes, the price is the most important deciding factor. Why would I spend $5 extra? I could use it to buy a coffee.

Porkbun is cheaper in the long run for the .com domain. The price for registration, renewal, and transfer is the same. Namecheap only offers low prices on your first registration and transfer. After that, you need to pay $14.73.

No Personal Attachment

Honestly, I don’t have a personal attachment to Namecheap. Possible with Porkbun as well. Because I only visit their website when I need to renew my domain. I don’t and will not use their other products. My website was built by a static site generator and deployed to free hosting.

I never had experience with Namecheap customer support. The same goes for Porkbun. Transferring my domain is easy and does not require me to call both customer support.

Next month my domain will expire and need to renew. I’m glad that before I do it, I found Porkbun. Yeah, I decided to transfer my domain to Porkbun instead of renewing it with Namecheap.

As I mention, transferring of my domain process is very easy. Thanks to the detailed documentation from both websites.

My only comment about Porkbun is how slow their website is. Well, maybe is because I access it from Indonesia. But, I could live with it for now. Let’s see how long I will stay with Porkbun.

If you have any comments or corrections please feel free to email them to me. Also, if you found any of the content on this website useful consider buy me a coffee ;)