This is a Beginning

August 28, 2019 • ☕️ 1 min read

Writing has been my passion since college, and if you ask why write? Maybe it’s because of my hobby that likes reading books since my childhood. I always feel amazed at the writers who are able to compose words that are easily understood. The funny thing is, I had a dream of being a writer, but now I am instead becoming a programmer. My scope of work does require me to write, but instead of writing prose, I am writing code and documents. It does do the same, but it’s kind of different.

Speaking of documents, have you ever felt that it is very rare for an open source software to have good and complete documentation? Often we still have to look for additional information through blogs or Stack Overflow. Fret not because I have experienced the same thing throughout my professional career. I always feel grateful to people out there who take their time to perfect and complete the documentation of an open source project. And also for those who take the time to share their experiences when facing problem with open source software.

After all this time, I started thinking. Maybe this is the right time to start my dream of becoming a writer. Maybe not as a novelist, but as someone who writes down their experiences in dealing with unexpected situations with programming and open source project. I dedicated this website as my sharing media. I will share about my experience in resolving situations related to open source projects, programming (especially Java SE / EE stuff), and with Slackware Linux.

You can think that everything here is just a hobby of mine. If you like one of my articles, maybe you will like the others too.

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