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Sukma Wardana

PRIO Flex for XL Prioritas

Hello, my Indonesian cyber friends! Did any of you use XL Prioritas from the XL Axiata Provider? Great, because I'm in your comrade now! :)

I bought the XL Prioritas four months ago, during Ramadhan this year. Till now, I'm a happy customer. I already consider to turn off my old prepaid mobile plan and switching to this postpaid mobile plan. Of course, I know the hurdle that awaits me with this decision. I'm ready for it!

But, everything goes wrong when I start dealing with my mobile banking application.

I have three mobile banking applications from different banks. Two of them successfully changed into my XL Prioritas number. Only the mBCA mobile application failed. I really don't have any idea why?

I do call Hallo BCA and visit the nearest branch office. But, they always give the same response.

"Please make sure that the mobile number is able to receive and send SMS." It's what they told me.

But, my XL Prioritas already have unlimited SMS to all operators!

After further research, the statement about unlimited SMS to all operators is a yes and no. Yes, I could send and receive SMS from and to any operators, but with exception of SMS Banking and Premium Number (which I don't have any idea about what Premium Number is?).

To be able to receive SMS Banking, I must top up my PRIO Flex balance. Yes, XL Prioritas is a postpaid plan but with prepaid behaviour. Instead of depending on how much I use it, it depends on what package I bought.

PRIO Flex documentation within the myXL mobile application
PRIO Flex documentation within the myXL mobile application

Short story, after topping up my PRIO Flex balance, I'm able to send and receive SMS from mBCA mobile application.

What a hilarious moment in my life.