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2022 Year in Review

Welp…​ 2022 was a rollercoaster of a year for me.

I was hesitant to make a year in review post. Sharing about my personal life is a little daunting. I feel like this post will help me to connect better with my cyber friends.

I want to be more open. Celebrating achievements and reflecting on areas that could be improved. All done in more public space. Hopefully others can learn from, too.

So let’s get started.

Re-build my website, again!

I have lost count of how many times I re-build my website. The site that you’re looking at now, is the second version of this year.

It’s always either I dislike the design or how the web is built. And I know how stupid it’s. So, I made an oath when rebuilt my website in the mid of June.

When the web functionality is ready, publish it! It doesn’t matter if the design is ugly, the content is what matters.

Because my goals with my web are for sharing my ideas, and to improve my English and writting skill. What I should focus on is to keep making the content. I could improve the design along the way.

If you see this post after many years, then my goal is achieved!

Buy a house

After two years of living in the capital city of Indonesia. I and my wife decided to buy a house in this city!

Short-story, we already love and feel comfortable with the neighbourhood. We also feel that this is the best time to find a house and settle our lives. So, we’re contacting the real estate agent, visiting the houses, and keep negotiating with the homeowner.

We found a house that suitable for us. But, the homeowner put a high price on the house. Even it’s above the average price in the area. So, we opt out of the house and keep searching.

Finally, we found another good candidate. The homeowner is very nice and willing to negotiate the price. When both of us agree on the price, I immediately apply for a mortgage loan.

It took two months, from house searching till we signed the contract. But, we learn valuable experiences about buying a house and mortgage loans.

The 15th year instalment of Wardana family houses is started!

Oh, we’re not moving in yet. We plan to renovate the house first. The building doesn’t have an issue. But, the room was not enough.

We have contact several developers and choosen one of them. The project will be started next year. We’re very looking forward to our renovation house project.

My daughter turning one

Time flies so fast

I remember the first time I hold my little daughter after she was born. She was so small and light. But this year she is already turning one!

I and my wife decided to hold a small party to celebrate it. We order less-sugar cake and decorate our living room with a simple decoration. The theme is a secret fairy garden.

So, we put on a costume for our daughter. A simple dress with butterfly wings on the back. She is very cute. We hired a professional photographer to capture the moment.

It was really fun. The photos wre also great. There is lot of cute and funny moment captured. We’re very happy with it.

I know maybe she did not understand what it was about yet. But, I hope when she grows up and see the photos (by the way, the photos are so great) she will happy and could become her priceless memory.

My wife already thinking about the 2nd birthday theme. And I also looking forward to it.

Switch career

I started to work with my current employer on June 2020. The employment made me relocate to the capital city, Jakarta. But, the employment was on two years contract based.

I know how absurd I’m to take this opportunity. I remember having a hard time convincing my wife. But, I was very fortunate to take the opportunity. Because after two years, the company offered me a permanent contract. And of course I accept the offer and signed immediately.

Only after two months, I signed the contract, I submit my resignation letter. Once again, I was faced with an irresistible offer from a company that did not exist in Indonesia.

Yes, I was a remote worker now. Well, technically I’m remote working since the company is based in German. And my team most of it is from Sofia, Bulgaria. But, I was following Indonesian labour law.

It could be done, because the company was using a third-party company. This company help to create a contract that conforms to Indonesian law. Help manage the tax and health insurance for me. It’s very reassuring for me.

I need to adapt to my new company and teammate. It takes a lot of my energy, mentally and physically. However, I’m happy and enjoy it.

Side hustle

At the beginning of 2021, I have a goal. To create an open-source project and find a sidehustle that could generate passive income.

But, all those goals are put on hold. After buying a house and switching careers. It takes a lot of my concentration.

However, I have started to resume my open-source project, Nayanika. I have started a few posts about and if you are interested you can follow my journey

Of course, my goals for 2023 is to find a side hustle to generate more income. Especially when I plan to renovate the house. If possible I don’t want to take another loan besides my mortgage loan.

Chen Style Taiji Practical Method

During my time studying at the university, I learned about wuxia novel. Have you ever heard about The Return of the Condor Heroes or The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber? It was written by the famous author Jin Yong Reading all those wuxia novel made me want to learn about Chinese Martial Arts.

However, I consider myself a weak person. I don’t have much stamina, my power is even weaker than my wife’s. But the most important thing, I’m not sure if I could perform the acrobatic move. However, I found a Chinese Martial Art that might suitable for me. It’s Taijiquan.

Yes, you’re right. It’s a sport that is usualy performed by old people in the park. But, originally it was a martial art and very popular in China.

The hardest part to learn Taijiquan is finding an authentic teacher. Finally this year I found out about the practical method. I was watching the video trailer and found the teaching is authentic. But the most important thing is, Master Chen Zhonghua has visited Indonesia many times.

Another goal for 2023 is to learn the foundation of the Chen Style Taiji Practical Method.

Bullet Journal

I believe I have known about the bullet journal system when in the early days. It’s from Twitter and from Ryder Carroll itself. I think someone that I follow retweeted his tweet about the system.

At that time, I was not buying it. I mean, I’m a software developer. The first project that I created during the university is about to-do list app. And who knows how many to-do list apps are out there?

Only this year, I decided to give it a try. After many years I feel disorganized, and I feel that I need some help. I learned that using the so-called to-do list apps is not helpful for me. Now, I want to try the analogue system offered by bullet journal.

I start to studying the bullet journal systems. And I understand the basic system of the bullet journal now. Even I have bought the Edition 2 book. Psstt for Indonesian cyber friends, you could buy it here.

I believe there are lot more happening in 2022. But, I’m bad at keeping the memory. I hope with Bullet Journal on 2023 I could build a second brain. And of course, keep making year in review posts every year.

I’m ready for BuJo-ing in 2023.

Thank you for the memories, 2022. Hey 2023, I’m ready for you!

If you have any comments or corrections please feel free to email them to me. Also, if you found any of the content on this website useful consider buy me a coffee ;)