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Freelance Java Developer, Sukma Wardana

You know, I hate it when you go to an about page and don't learn much about who that person really is. So let's not do that. Here's a bit more about me.


I started my professional career at age 23, after graduated from my computer science degree. I've been work with start-ups and enterprise companies as part of their Java developer team.

I've seen the good and bad of Java project during my professional career. Well, most of the time, I've worked in a bad project.

Either the architecture is overly complicated, or there is no architect at all

When I start into the world of freelance software development, I was able to pull from my hands-on experience within the world of Java technology and leverage that perspective as a software developer.

Since 2016, I've been building upon that foundation of Java expertise, and today I'm a subject matter expert who's sought out for in-depth knowledge on the Java project development.